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Why The Customer is Always Right

We’ve all heard this before in business:  you can’t disagree or argue with your house cleaning customers.  It’s their house, they get it their way… But what if the client badmouthing diva who complains no matter what?  Or an amnesiac … Continued

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Big Vs Focused

Often, when a house cleaning business markets online for months and realizes that only a small percentage (2-10%) of people who visit their website convert into leads, they decide the must have more traffic. The arithmetic goes like: If we … Continued

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Use SAQ’s in Your Sales Process

Many house cleaning websites have FAQ sections.  Often helpful, usually predictable. What far fewer businesses do is take the time to understand their SAQ’s;  should ask questions. These are the questions a house cleaning lead should be asking, but don’t … Continued

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When Nothing Can Go Wrong

Here is a policy you can try with your house cleaning service: If the client is not 100% happy with the job you do cleaning their home every time, you’ll credit them for the next job. We don’t want your … Continued

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Tips on Partnership Marketing

Here is one lead-generation tip surprisingly few house cleaning services take advantage of:  develop lead-generation partnerships. These are partnerships with other non-competing, home related services like plumbers, carpet cleaners, painters, lawn care, and landscapers. The arrangement is straightforward.  You agree … Continued

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The Power of Customer Retention

Of the mistakes business owners make that cost them long-term viability, perhaps the most avoidable is the terrible habit of ignoring people who’ve recently written you checks. The culprit is complacency.  It’s so easy in business to think that once … Continued

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Dirty Data and Clean Hunches

In digital marketing, data is king. You hear about it all the time.  The huge advantage marketing gained in the digital era is the ability to track.  It’s like the billboards of yore, only today we can track exactly how … Continued

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Your House Cleaning Website’s #1 Job

Is not to close the deal.  That’s your job after your site and online content have done theirs. Your online content (blog articles, social media channels, reviews, videos) gain attention.  Peak interest.  Educate. When they arrive at your website, you … Continued

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